Analysis of Needs

At the very beginning of our project development process, we plan a meeting where we talk about all the details, get to know your brand and determine your needs. Considering many details as one, we proceed in line with a very detailed plan, from the type of fabric to be used, to the uniform design that suits your brand the best.

Stylish and Functional Design

We attach importance to combining the elegance and functionality in our designs. After determining the needs of your brand, we take action for stylish and functional designs. We prepare elegant, functional and comfortable designs for your brand and start the production of the uniforms by reflecting the quality we have in every work. We prioritize the functionality of our uniforms as well as their chic appearance. In our corporate uniform designs, we believe that elegance and functionality should be together in order to strenghten the image of your brand and increase the performance of your employees.

Personalized Product Research and Development

In our personalized R&D service, we consider the unique features of your company as a whole and realize our plans accordingly. While preparing our designs, we consider many factors such as the location of your brand, the weather circumstances and the culture you reflect, the service you provide, the needs of your staff and your demands.

Production in Special Sewing Standarts

We carry out our mass production with the understanding of unique sewing standarts, preserving the the fabric and sewing quality we have as always. Being the Turkey’s top quality and the largest tailor shop, we work meticulously in all of our products so that every uniform we produce has the same quality.

Flawless Delivery on Time

As a company who serves to the serving industry, we know how important time is for you. From design to production, also from production to delivery, we guarantee trouble free and high quality service. We care about %100 satisfaction of customer with our fast and on time delivery policy in all of our services. With meticulous production schedule, we make sure to deliver the products safely on the dates we specify.

Long Lasting Solution Partnership

We do not wish to work with you not on a single project, but to travel with you through your style story. We protect your elegance and quality with the excitement of the first day in the style you entrusted to us. We trust our talent, vision, quality and the skillful hands of our tailors. We respond to your requests and your needs in the fastest way possible, and we act with a solution oriented approach in all of our works.