The story of Modaslan began in 1955 when it was established as a small tailor shop. Our company has become a brand in the design and production of corporate uniforms in 1993, as a result of our knowledge and experience.


Our company, which has been acting with the principle of quality service that has been going on for years, has expanded its service range to Antalya in 2002, also to Istanbul and Ankara in 2008, and eventually established Regional Directorates. Our company continued to grow with efforts and success, and started to have many world class qualified machines in its production part. Our production track has expanded along with our customer portfolio with the trouble free , quality service we offer.

Today, we proudly work for many stylish brands in our production facilities with a closed area of 5000 m2.


Our company which gradually expands its domestic and international marketing network and increases its sales power with its successful works; in Europe, England, France, Germany, Romania, in the America; in Canada, the United States, the Middle East by exporting world known hotels in 21 different countries, including Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, our neighboring countries, Russian Federation, Georgia and the Turkish Republic of Nothern Cyprus, it has become one of the leading brands in the sector with its custon design corporate uniform service.


As of today, we provide specially designed corporate clothing services to the accomodation, security, transportation, healthy spa, aviation and cleaning sectors and we continue to stand by the brands in their style journeys with our customer centered works.


Modaslan, which prepares custom functional and modern uniforms for its customers, inspired by the fashion trends in the world, takes firm steps towards the future without compromising its understanding of customer satisfaction and quality.